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The Full Energy Balancing Exercise (FEBE)

The Full Energy Balancing Exercise.

The Full Energy Balancing Exercise (FEBE) combines all the primary movements of Energy Balancing in one complete and powerful exercise. This short two-minute sequence will quickly help you come into balance and center. It will clear your mind, center your emotions and balance your energy. Not only will it be effective each time you do it, but its effects are cumulative. Each time you do it you are etching in more deeply these energetic pathways, taking you deeper and deeper into the richness of who you are.

There are several stages in FEBE:
1. Centering to bring your energies in
2. Grounding to bring your energies in the here and now
3. The upwards stream to create alignment and awaken the heart
4. Opening the energies out to expand
5. Bringing the energies in to come back to yourself
6. Lifting the energies to the crown and above to invoke the higher (invocation)
7. Opening yourself for the energies evoked (evocation)
8. Bringing down theses frequencies to embody and ground them
9. Ending by coming back to center, now with a clear and defined field
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