We use ‘abandonment’ to describe what happens when your Mother wasn’t there for you, in the way that you needed. She might have been there physically, but in terms of the way you needed her to be there, she wasn’t. Your mother was not meeting you, your real needs for how you need to be meet are not fulfilled. So you are alone, you are lonely.

The term “Buddha” in Sanskrit means “awake”. A Buddha is someone who has awakened. They have woken up from Maya, the deep sleep of the mind and emotions of the world that ensnare most people. A ‘Buddha’ or an ‘Enlightened One’ is not a special human, different from others; it’s just that they have cleaned themselves up, they have matured, and the deeper consciousness that is inherent in everyone has flowered in them. An “enlightened one” isn’t born as an advanced soul who lives happily in this enlightened state; they too have to do their work to clean up their energies and mature themselves.

This is a certain stage: I don’t need, I am on my own. It sounds good, and there is a certain strength that comes with it. But it is not a full maturation, it is a cutting of the belly, and a cutting of the heart.

Associative Logic is a primitive learning mechanism of the psyche. If once you touched fire and got burnt, pain is now associated with fire. Though this is a useful mechanism, this logic often limits our life. For example, you loved someone and got hurt. Now associative logic says, “love = hurt” – don’t love. Many associative logic links are running our lives. Associative logic needs to be superseded by intelligence.

Being Taken Over
Literally something in him just goes limp. His third eye just gets overwhelmed and just goes blank, and then your whole energy body just lets go. It is very easy to knock a person’s third eye off. And she does it with a combination of enthusiastic emotional energy along with ideas and hits him and he collapses.

A boundary refers to the edge of the energy field, what we could call your personal space. This is normally around 3ft (1m) around the body.

Compassion is part of a progression - sympathy - empathy and compassion. Sympathy feels bad for another’s suffering. Empathy feels with their suffering. Compassion combines empathy with truth and wisdom - you feel the pain of another while at the same time using truth and wisdom to do what is necessary to help that person get the teachings they need for their growth process. Sympathy will try to take their pain away. Empathy will feel with their pain. Sometimes compassion may, if necessary, push a person into their pain so they can get the teaching.

Cosmic intelligence refers to the Fundamental Intelligence of the Universe. It’s an understanding from esoteric traditions that there is a great “Mind of God” that is in all things, and that the entire universe, from the Laws of nature and physics, up to the highest transcendent states of consciousness, are imbued with this underlying Intelligence.

The defense system is part of our fundamental survival instincts. It operates in us as a continual awareness of safety or threat. Its main emotion is fear. The defense system has hundreds of protection mechanisms, generally falling into two poles – fight or flight. These can be subtle, such as worry, or immensely powerful, as downright panic. The defense system was evolved in the harsh conditions of early man. Many of its actions are no more appropriate for the situations of today. For most people it operates as a brake on our life energy and keeps us from living more full and dynamic lives.

The second chakra is characterized by dependency: we need a mother, a family, a girlfriend. It is the need to belong. And that is a very primary need, a very basic need for all of us.

Empathy is the energetic process of being in resonance with another person’s experience. Their vibration radiates out and now vibrates in your energy field; what is vibrating in them now vibrates in you . Through empathy you can deeply understand another’s experience because you are literally experiencing it.

Energetic Cords
Cords are one of several ways of connecting us to others and the outside world. Through them we form various types of relationships in which energy is exchanged in healthy or not so healthy ways. When we use the expression, “we are bonded together” we are referring to an energetic cord that is in place. One of the most powerful of all cords is the energetic cord that is placed between a mother and a child directly after birth. Through this cord flows the life force that vitalizes both the mother and the child.

Energetic Violation:
The human energy field is roughly 3ft (1m) in diameter all around the body. Anything that comes into this field and does something to disturb it against our will is called an "energetic violation". Obvious violations are anger or control. But even love or care can overstep the boundary and violate.

Engulfment means that the mother’s energy was too out, and too in you. Very common with loving, caring mothers. They care so much that they are over protecting you, over in you. Or, needy mothers. If they are needy and you are filling their hole, then they are in you, and they are busy in you. She was all over you, caring for you, smothering you, taking care of you.

A false logic loop is a piece of “illogical logic”. The psyche believes it to be so, even though when looked at through the eyes of intelligence the logic is clearly faulty. These logic loops develop due to primitive “associative logic” mechanisms in the brain. For example the psyche might conclude “My father told me I am not good enough, therefore I am not good enough.” This type of false logic can be a powerful force in running a person’s life.

The child in us has taken a certain shape, or a certain role. We call it a fixation, because the child is a developmental process and it should go from A > B > C. But, because certain things happen at certain developmental phases, the child gets stuck at B. And when we get stuck there, even though the rest of us keeps growing in age, that part stays two years old, four years old, whatever the age is, it stays stuck in that age. And when it gets stuck at that age, it goes into certain types of role, certain types of shape, certain types of behavior patterns.

It’s position is an inch and a half below the navel, deep in the body, about 5 centimeters.

Hole (in a chakra)
Literally when a chakra doesn’t get the food it needs, there is a hole in the chakra, it’s empty. But because for whatever reason, the chakra remains empty, and we call that a hole. And a hole is crying to be filled, and now you might be 40 years old, and you are still trying to get that hole filled. So I would say that pretty much every human being, in Western society, except for a few have big holes in their second chakra: you weren’t fed what you needed.

Inner Child
The inner child is centered in the belly. The inner child is alive, underneath the ‘mature adult’. We have many different inner children, from the many different ages during our childhood.

Inner Work
Inner Work is the process of deliberately changing the deeper aspects of the psyche. It includes four main areas: psychological maturation including emotional healing and mental reprogramming; energetic healing and awakening to the human energy field and chakras; working with the higher aspects of the psyche; understanding and working with instincts and our evolutionary past.

Inter-dependence means I stand on my own, and I have means, and I allow myself to exchange in a healthy balance.

Kundalini refers to the great reservoir of life energy that lives at the base of the spine in the base chakra. It is referred to as the “sleeping serpent” because it is part of the primitive instinctual reptile brain that is connected to the base of the skull. When the raw energy present in the Kundalini awakens it can move up the spine, bringing vitality to the other chakras. Ultimately, this energy can reach the crown chakra to create a full opening of consciousness.

The (relatively) ‘matured human being’ is formed when the energies of the Soul descend through the body and integrate with the force of instinct at the base chakra. The incredible powers of the instincts and the life force then rise and vitalize the force of consciousness of the Soul creating an immensely potent conscious. This vitality and consciousness, expressed and integrated through the chakras creates a mature human being. We use the term relative because this maturation process is ongoing and never complete.

Positionality means that I am holding onto a position inside, like I think something is right and I am holding onto it. It means having fixed beliefs: ‘this is the way it is, and that’s that’. It is the position you take.

Primary Bonding
Primary bonding is that sense of being connected, that sense of being wanted, that sense of belong, being safe, being nurtured, being cared for. It is what you need to develop your second chakra above everything else, it is the food for the second chakra.

The protector controller or PC resides in the base chakra. It is part of our defense system. Its main emotion is fear. It works to protect us by controlling. It controls our actions, our thoughts and emotions, and even the environment and others. The PC for most of us is out of control – it dominates our psyche, over-controlling our lives and putting a brake on living more fully. One of the most important pieces of inner work a person can do is to bring the PC under the control of consciousness and in a “right balance”

This is the opposite to the collapsing of a chakra. The chakra over extends and goes in front of itself and gets spun up, and it becomes the fighter the pusher the doer, always busy.

At the very root of the Solar Plexus, deep in the core, where the chakra connects to the Core Channel, is the sense of self. This sense of self is known as the Self Essence. As that Essence unfolds and that energy starts to open into the chakra, there is the sense of ‘I AM’ – you feel solid, present, you; there is a sense of dignity – ‘I am here’. And then, this Self Essence splits into the three other Essences of the Solar Plexus, the Worth Essence, Strength Essence, and Identity Essence.

One part of us lives in self judgment, feels inferior and not good enough or not as good as other people – it feels flawed. This is shame. Deep down we feel ashamed about ourselves. ‘I am imperfect’, ‘I am wrong’, ‘I have all these horrible things in me that are bad’. That is our deep belief about who we are. It is one of the deepest pains that we all carry. The third chakra has shame at its root.

This is what we mean by programming,. A person’s shape has been structured into a certain way through all these dynamics. And we call these shapes POSITIONALITIES, because a person will continue to go back into certain shapes because they have been etched into them now. So the feelings that a person has, has created a shape, but now the shape is continually bringing back those feelings, for example of despair.

The Solar Plexus, draws its name from the Greek word “sol” meaning Sun. You could call this chakra the “Sun Plexus”. When this center is open we are like a Sun - bright and radiant, potent, present, big and here.

We are a non-physical entity; we existed before we had a body and we will exist after we leave this body. We have been around in this universe for a very long time, and we will be around in this universe for a very long time. The Soul lives and is anchored in at the eight chakra, about 20 cm (1ft) above the head, and is connected into the body through a cord or channel of energy. The Soul is composed of three streams of energy: intelligence, love and power. The soul is an energetic entity that is using energy, motivated by love, guided by energy to create. The Soul is essentially a creative entity. Every Soul incarnates with Intention to learn and create certain things within this life.

Strength Essence
The Strength Essence is the dynamic part of the Self Essence. The basic understanding of the Strength Essence is that you are powerful. The Solar Plexus is the power center of the personality and the Strength Essence resides here. As it opens, you have a sense of strength and power, and that allows you to be dynamic and potent in the world.

Sympathy is one of the basic Essence qualities of the Heart Chakra. When somebody is in pain and you really feel for them and your heart is full of them, you have the essence of sympathy. As the petals of heart essences open, you move from sympathy to a higher quality, that is, empathy, and then from there to compassion.

“The Cosmic Year”, is a way to represent the entire history of the universe, from the “Big Bang” up to the present moment. These 15 billion years is divided up into one “year”, with the Big Bang on January 1st, at 12:00:01am and today at Dec 31st 11:59:59pm. Every month is 1 1⁄4 billions years, each day 40 million years, each minute 30,000 years and each second 500 years.

The Framework
The Framework is a map of the anatomy of the psyche. It charts the full spectrum of human nature, from our earliest instincts to the heights of the greatness of our soul.

Everyone has primitive parts such as the killer, anger, hatred and revenge. Our defense mechanism attempts to box these and pushes them into the subconscious. There they often fester and build up pressure. For most people they don’t directly get expressed such as through active aggression, but they take subtle and indirect forms, such as thinking destructive things about another person, being mean, etc. This build-up of destructive and negative energy becomes almost like an entity in its own right, with its own thoughts and feelings. This is called the shadow.

Our protector controller (PC) (defense system) has a mechanism to push difficult feelings such as pain and anger into the subconscious. The subconscious is not just a part of the mind; it also consists of parts of the energy field. For example, when we push down anger, the anger continues to vibrate in the energy field, but out of the range of conscious perception. Overtime the subconscious builds up a great deal of pressure as many difficult feelings have been pushed down into it. The PC then becomes more and more frightened and therefore more and more controlling of the subconscious to keep this energy from erupting. A significant part of inner work is to “clear the basement” of this repressed energetic stuff.

Voices refer to those parts of the psyche that create the continual internal chatter. They act as if they are independent entities within us. We refer to these voices as sub-personalities, because each operates as a distinct personality with its own thoughts, needs, ideas, etc. Voices come from many sources; parents, teachers, priests, friends, and the society at large.