We use ‘abandonment’ to describe what happens when your Mother wasn’t there for you, in the way that you needed. She might have been there physically, but in terms of the way you needed her to be there, she wasn’t. Your mother was not meeting you, your real needs for how you need to be meet are not fulfilled. So you are alone, you are lonely.

The term “Buddha” in Sanskrit means “awake”. A Buddha is someone who has awakened. They have woken up from Maya, the deep sleep of the mind and emotions of the world that ensnare most people. A ‘Buddha’ or an ‘Enlightened One’ is not a special human, different from others; it’s just that they have cleaned themselves up, they have matured, and the deeper consciousness that is inherent in everyone has flowered in them. An “enlightened one” isn’t born as an advanced soul who lives happily in this enlightened state; they too have to do their work to clean up their energies and mature themselves.

This is a certain stage: I don’t need, I am on my own. It sounds good, and there is a certain strength that comes with it. But it is not a full maturation, it is a cutting of the belly, and a cutting of the heart.

Associative Logic is a primitive learning mechanism of the psyche. If once you touched fire and got burnt, pain is now associated with fire. Though this is a useful mechanism, this logic often limits our life. For example, you loved someone and got hurt. Now associative logic says, “love = hurt” – don’t love. Many associative logic links are running our lives. Associative logic needs to be superseded by intelligence.