Empathy is the energetic process of being in resonance with another person’s experience. Their vibration radiates out and now vibrates in your energy field; what is vibrating in them now vibrates in you . Through empathy you can deeply understand another’s experience because you are literally experiencing it.

Energetic Cords
Cords are one of several ways of connecting us to others and the outside world. Through them we form various types of relationships in which energy is exchanged in healthy or not so healthy ways. When we use the expression, “we are bonded together” we are referring to an energetic cord that is in place. One of the most powerful of all cords is the energetic cord that is placed between a mother and a child directly after birth. Through this cord flows the life force that vitalizes both the mother and the child.

Energetic Violation:
The human energy field is roughly 3ft (1m) in diameter all around the body. Anything that comes into this field and does something to disturb it against our will is called an "energetic violation". Obvious violations are anger or control. But even love or care can overstep the boundary and violate.

Engulfment means that the mother’s energy was too out, and too in you. Very common with loving, caring mothers. They care so much that they are over protecting you, over in you. Or, needy mothers. If they are needy and you are filling their hole, then they are in you, and they are busy in you. She was all over you, caring for you, smothering you, taking care of you.