A false logic loop is a piece of “illogical logic”. The psyche believes it to be so, even though when looked at through the eyes of intelligence the logic is clearly faulty. These logic loops develop due to primitive “associative logic” mechanisms in the brain. For example the psyche might conclude “My father told me I am not good enough, therefore I am not good enough.” This type of false logic can be a powerful force in running a person’s life.

The child in us has taken a certain shape, or a certain role. We call it a fixation, because the child is a developmental process and it should go from A > B > C. But, because certain things happen at certain developmental phases, the child gets stuck at B. And when we get stuck there, even though the rest of us keeps growing in age, that part stays two years old, four years old, whatever the age is, it stays stuck in that age. And when it gets stuck at that age, it goes into certain types of role, certain types of shape, certain types of behavior patterns.