Positionality means that I am holding onto a position inside, like I think something is right and I am holding onto it. It means having fixed beliefs: ‘this is the way it is, and that’s that’. It is the position you take.

Primary Bonding
Primary bonding is that sense of being connected, that sense of being wanted, that sense of belong, being safe, being nurtured, being cared for. It is what you need to develop your second chakra above everything else, it is the food for the second chakra.

The protector controller or PC resides in the base chakra. It is part of our defense system. Its main emotion is fear. It works to protect us by controlling. It controls our actions, our thoughts and emotions, and even the environment and others. The PC for most of us is out of control – it dominates our psyche, over-controlling our lives and putting a brake on living more fully. One of the most important pieces of inner work a person can do is to bring the PC under the control of consciousness and in a “right balance”

This is the opposite to the collapsing of a chakra. The chakra over extends and goes in front of itself and gets spun up, and it becomes the fighter the pusher the doer, always busy.