At the very root of the Solar Plexus, deep in the core, where the chakra connects to the Core Channel, is the sense of self. This sense of self is known as the Self Essence. As that Essence unfolds and that energy starts to open into the chakra, there is the sense of ‘I AM’ – you feel solid, present, you; there is a sense of dignity – ‘I am here’. And then, this Self Essence splits into the three other Essences of the Solar Plexus, the Worth Essence, Strength Essence, and Identity Essence.

One part of us lives in self judgment, feels inferior and not good enough or not as good as other people – it feels flawed. This is shame. Deep down we feel ashamed about ourselves. ‘I am imperfect’, ‘I am wrong’, ‘I have all these horrible things in me that are bad’. That is our deep belief about who we are. It is one of the deepest pains that we all carry. The third chakra has shame at its root.

This is what we mean by programming,. A person’s shape has been structured into a certain way through all these dynamics. And we call these shapes POSITIONALITIES, because a person will continue to go back into certain shapes because they have been etched into them now. So the feelings that a person has, has created a shape, but now the shape is continually bringing back those feelings, for example of despair.

The Solar Plexus, draws its name from the Greek word “sol” meaning Sun. You could call this chakra the “Sun Plexus”. When this center is open we are like a Sun - bright and radiant, potent, present, big and here.

We are a non-physical entity; we existed before we had a body and we will exist after we leave this body. We have been around in this universe for a very long time, and we will be around in this universe for a very long time. The Soul lives and is anchored in at the eight chakra, about 20 cm (1ft) above the head, and is connected into the body through a cord or channel of energy. The Soul is composed of three streams of energy: intelligence, love and power. The soul is an energetic entity that is using energy, motivated by love, guided by energy to create. The Soul is essentially a creative entity. Every Soul incarnates with Intention to learn and create certain things within this life.

Strength Essence
The Strength Essence is the dynamic part of the Self Essence. The basic understanding of the Strength Essence is that you are powerful. The Solar Plexus is the power center of the personality and the Strength Essence resides here. As it opens, you have a sense of strength and power, and that allows you to be dynamic and potent in the world.

Sympathy is one of the basic Essence qualities of the Heart Chakra. When somebody is in pain and you really feel for them and your heart is full of them, you have the essence of sympathy. As the petals of heart essences open, you move from sympathy to a higher quality, that is, empathy, and then from there to compassion.