“The Cosmic Year”, is a way to represent the entire history of the universe, from the “Big Bang” up to the present moment. These 15 billion years is divided up into one “year”, with the Big Bang on January 1st, at 12:00:01am and today at Dec 31st 11:59:59pm. Every month is 1 1⁄4 billions years, each day 40 million years, each minute 30,000 years and each second 500 years.

The Framework
The Framework is a map of the anatomy of the psyche. It charts the full spectrum of human nature, from our earliest instincts to the heights of the greatness of our soul.

Everyone has primitive parts such as the killer, anger, hatred and revenge. Our defense mechanism attempts to box these and pushes them into the subconscious. There they often fester and build up pressure. For most people they don’t directly get expressed such as through active aggression, but they take subtle and indirect forms, such as thinking destructive things about another person, being mean, etc. This build-up of destructive and negative energy becomes almost like an entity in its own right, with its own thoughts and feelings. This is called the shadow.

Our protector controller (PC) (defense system) has a mechanism to push difficult feelings such as pain and anger into the subconscious. The subconscious is not just a part of the mind; it also consists of parts of the energy field. For example, when we push down anger, the anger continues to vibrate in the energy field, but out of the range of conscious perception. Overtime the subconscious builds up a great deal of pressure as many difficult feelings have been pushed down into it. The PC then becomes more and more frightened and therefore more and more controlling of the subconscious to keep this energy from erupting. A significant part of inner work is to “clear the basement” of this repressed energetic stuff.